After meeting with Dr. and Mrs. Basler, we knew in order to capture their company in a better light and really reflect the vision they had for their new facility, their website would need to match. Their old website was very dark, with imagery that didn’t really make sense for their dermatology practice. But worst of all, their website wasn’t crawl-able by search engines, which is an obvious SEO nightmare. 

Our team went to work to make their vision a reality. We spotlighted their services, providers, and many locations, guiding the user through the experience in an interactive way that would keep them engaged and on the site longer. We moved away from the dominant use of black for lighter colors. The user experience was improved, the aesthetics better matched their practice, and then there was the SEO side, of course. Not only did we ensure the new site was crawl-able by search engines, we made sure that the entire site was optimized for SEO from top to bottom, ensuring they would have a great online presence as people searched for the services they provide. 

Right away at the first look meeting, the client was incredibly excited, stating it was just what they were looking for in a website. They agreed that this new website was a much better representation of their image and their new facility. And just as they moved into their new location on April 1st, we launched the site, giving them a modern online presence to mirror their modern new facility, all in the same day.



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