We were contracted by Adamz K9 Waste Disposal to work on his social media campaign November 15, 2012, so the owner could focus on daily company management. They are a creative company that offers a unique service inside the Lincoln city limit to remove pet waste from yards.

They were posting frequently, but not getting a lot of interaction with only just over 100 fans. We were excited to build this campaign, as we saw the potential of fun and creative ways we would be able to work with the client.

We know that in running a small business, the owners often wear a lot of hats within their company. Due to that nature, it is difficult to give the needed attention to a successful social campaign. When the client came to us, they were posting regularly and had a decent grasp of how a social media campaign should work. However, they hadn’t quite been able to achieve the success from it that they would have wished. We noticed that their posting patterns were not optimal and that there was a lack of focused content that would otherwise create interactivity. The client faced another challenge in that they did not have the tools, time, or experience to gauge the results of these efforts.

We needed to assess the reasons why the page wasn’t getting the results the client wanted. The approach was clear – we needed to be very creative and fun with our content. We aimed to gain fans on the page, as well as increase interaction to better reach more potential customers. We needed to do what we do with all our social media campaigns… impress, capture, and engage the fan base.

With every client that comes to us, we find the most creative ways to help them. We pride ourselves on the use of unique tactics and content for each client while using placement and standards that have been proven through time and experience. While Adamz K9 was posting frequently, they weren’t taking into consideration the timing and frequency of their posts. This is something we take into great consideration in our campaigns.


Our Strategy

For Adamz K-9, we devised a 4-part strategy:

1.) Post with better timing.

2.) Post with more focus by utilizing a weekly structure.

3.) Create interactive content to achieve better reach.

4.) Use Facebook ads to supplement their reach.


For example, the Facebook ads are tested to make sure we are using the most appealing ad with the best results. In this case, the best ad was a very simple ad with their logo as the picture with the quote, “Get your poop in a group.” In most ad campaigns, we find the sponsored stories to be the most successful for our clients. This wasn’t the case for Adamz. That simple ad had more reach than all of the others combined.

The other very successful piece of this social campaign was the caption contest. We ran a weekly contest in which we posted a photo of a dog, then had page fans come up with captions. The caption with the most likes at the end of the week had their caption posted on the photograph.

In just two months, we were able to double Adamz K9 Waste Disposal’s Facebook fans only using $50 a month in ads. In addition to the new fans, the placement and frequency of the new creative posts delivered, we were able to quadruple their interactions! Their ads were running at 120% clicks-to-actions. After checking in with the client, we were further pleased to announce that he said his phones were ringing off the hook. We are thrilled with the progress this campaign has already seen and look forward to seeing more!

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