Trevor Hulit

I was born just outside of Denver, Colorado but was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I enjoy watching sports, playing video games, and spending time with my dogs. It was always a dream of mine to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I began my college journey as an Electrical Engineering major but quickly realized that engineering was not for me. That was when I discovered the College of Business and decided to change my major to Marketing!

During college, I was given the opportunity to manage the social media for a local Omaha hockey team. Throughout that experience, I was able to work on not only my marketing skills but also really improve my graphic design skills as well. I built the team’s social media presence from the ground up and within my first year, we had the largest follower base of any team in the league across all social media platforms and had the highest engagement rate by far. I had so much fun working with the hockey team as I was able to progress as a marketer while working in the sports industry.

As much as I love sports, my true passion for marketing is in the digital marketing space. I am so excited to start my career with Transformation Marketing and I look forward to growing with the company!