payton filing

Payton Filing

Yes, I am Shannon and Travis’, daughter! It has been amazing to witness TM grow, I am so excited to be able to work for them for a little bit. I remember when they were in the early years of the business and leased an office out of the bank next door. I would spend evenings playing in the lobby and watching Tom and Jerry. I know seeing them work so hard will motivate me to work hard in school and my own career.

Currently, my role at TM involves billing, sales support, and some social media. While I know my time here is temporary, I am learning a lot and able to use my love for social media, creative spirit, and my inherited sales ability to actually get a paycheck! ????

I graduated high school 2 years early and amcurrently applying to nursing schools. I am hoping to specialize in a baby unit such as the NICU, labor and delivery, and mother and baby.