Lizzy Sarnes

Lizzy Sarnes

I grew up in small-town Nebraska where I developed a joy for small and local businesses. I loved seeing the owners’ passion and pride in what they did. However, I always dreamed of living in a city so I could grow and try new things. When it was time for me to move away and choose a college, I settled on Doane University because it was the best of both worlds. It’s in a town similar to my home but is also a quick trip away from the city of Lincoln.

I struggled to determine a field of study as I was preparing for college. I wanted to study something practical that would make me marketable and get me a healthy paycheck, but I came up short. There wasn’t anything in that category that I could see myself doing. That’s when my family advised me to instead pursue what I loved doing most: art.

While studying art at Doane, I broadened my horizons to any new art forms I could gain experience in—ceramics, theater, sculpture, and finally, graphic design. Finding graphic design solved my two biggest problems. I could finally do what I loved and be paid to do it. With three years of schooling behind me, I decided that I wanted to focus on this new passion and earned a graphic design minor during my senior year, which has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Toward the end of my senior year, I knew I wanted to move to Lincoln to pursue art and graphic design. I moved immediately after graduating and began the job hunt. I spent a couple of months painting, unpacking, (relaxing), and working on my graphic design portfolio, pursuing my passion-driven ambition. After looking at dozens of graphic design openings at larger companies and not finding somewhere I was interested in, I found Transformation Marketing. I loved their local roots, their opportunities, and their enthusiastic nature. I found the small business dedication and learning experience I had been looking for. I knew Transformation Marketing was where I wanted to be and I am still ecstatic to have been welcomed onto the team!

My goal is to never stop learning and never lose my drive to create. Transformation Marketing is guiding me to achieve that goal every day.