Jessica Gehman

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but moved to Longview, Texas, at a young age. I lived in the great Lone Star state for 13 years and attended college for my passion – Communication. I have always loved social media and the concept of graphic design. So I logically decided to attend LeTourneau University, a small university known for Engineering and Aviation, and become one of three students in the Communication program at the time. This is where I met my husband, who is the entire reason I am back in Nebraska.

As I looked forward to graduating from college, I began applying for jobs in the Lincoln, Nebraska area since my fiancé had already been offered a job here. I looked around and applied to many positions, but nothing felt quite right until I came across Transformation Marketing. It was perfect and seemed to good to be true! I knew right away that this was it.

So one big move later and here I am! I am so excited to be working with the Transformation Marketing team!

I really love trying to learn something new on a daily basis, as well as reading, cooking, baking, and organization! I also enjoy watching movies with my fiancé and being with people. My goal in life is never to stop learning.