Austin Hart

Hello! You clicked on my face and now you’re here. How cool is that!? Here’s a little info about me

Throughout my life (so far), I’ve had some really fun jobs and opportunities.

At 16, I started working at Hy-Vee, where I began to find my love for being around people.

At 17, I transitioned from the food industry to retail where I worked at The Buckle, a clothing retailer with over 400 locations in the United States. While here, I continued to work with a diverse range of people, learn what it takes to sell a product and my wardrobe got a pretty nice update.

At 19, I studied abroad in Costa Rica. While abroad, I began learning the Spanish language and developing relationships with locals. I worked closely with a team of biologists to take soil samples and study different species of animals living in the Corcovado National Forest.

At 20, I took a job as an Assistant Manager and found my way back to Hy-Vee. On a daily basis, I problem solved, handled customers, and managed a team of 25+ people at any given time. During this time, I also graduated from Northeast Community College with an Associate of Arts degree and a certificate in Media Production and Audio Recording.

At 21, I did what 21-year-olds do…

At 22, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Journalism and a minor in Communication Studies. I then got the opportunity to work with Carnival Cruise Lines as a Media Manager aboard one of their cruise ships. Eventually, I came full circle and found myself back in my hometown of Lincoln where I took a job with Transformation Marketing. I am so excited to be working at Transformation Marketing and I can’t wait to see the types of things we can accomplish.

That’s the bean’s on me!!