Aubrie O’Connor

Throughout my whole childhood, I knew I wanted to do something with art (partially because it was the only thing I was good at). I took every art class provided at my small high school in Syracuse and covered my bedroom with famous paintings and my own, of course. You could call it a minor obsession. After my parent’s realization there was no stopping my dreams, they agreed to let me go to a fancy (AKA expensive) art college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I excelled greatly, getting tons of awards and high honors, and made tremendous improvements to my craft.

At the end of my senior year of college, I started to fall in love with web design and marketing just as much as graphic work. Luckily, they go hand in hand, so I don’t have to choose one! I started doing some freelance for people across Omaha doing design layouts for online books and a few illustration commissions sprinkled in, but I longed to do more than small jobs. Coming from a small town, I was never fond of the big city, so when I found out about Transformation Marketing, angels sang in my head. I knew this was the place.

My hobbies include hanging out with my two adorable cats, hiking in the mountains with my husband, playing video games, writing novels, drawing (of course), and taking enough naps for six people. My goal in life is to never stop dreaming and see everything the world has to offer with the people I care about.

I’m overjoyed to be welcomed by the Transformation Marketing team, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!