Abi Gove

I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. I spent much of my childhood playing with the neighborhood kids, playing a variety of sports, and overall just being busy. You would always find me outside doing something. I think I had too much of an imagination as a kid because I was always drawing and doodling instead of doing schoolwork.

In high school, I attended Lincoln High as well as Arts and Humanities and was on honor roll all 4 years. After spending all of high school doing what I loved the most (Art), I decided to pursue an education in Graphic Design. I went to Omaha to attend The Creative Center, where I obtained an Associates’s Degree in Graphic Design. 

During college, I worked at a pizza place and after I graduated I moved to Lincoln and took on a management position with that same employer. During that time I worked long hours and job hunted. Finally, after having a no luck streak, I was provided an opportunity to work at Transformation Marketing. With, literally, no hesitation I accepted the job and now here I am! I’m so excited to see where this job leads me and I’m so happy to be here!

When I’m not at work, I’m hanging out with my family and friends, sleeping, and snuggling up with my cat. I’m a very laid-back person and like to lead a simple life.