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When Signs Go Bad – Round One

bad, funny, gone, sign, signs, store, street, marketing, fails, market yourselfI know you’ve all seen those signs that have double innuendos. You’ve seen them on Facebook, in E-mail Forwards or maybe even in person. Well, there’s a reason: They’re everywhere! People do not think before they put these signs up! And for that reason, exactly. We have two rounds for you of signs gone bad. So, sit back and get ready for a good laugh!


Uh… Duh!


Looking at this, don’t you just think, “Perfect! I’ve been looking for a great place to get my signs done!”


In case you can’t read it… This is a sign for a Lawncare and Landscaping company… Placement is everything!


Oh boy…


Great disclaimer!


So… Which one is it?


I don’t think they were a satisfied customer. They must have got this from Golden Touch Signs.


Hey! It got your attention, didn’t it?


First Impressions… They must not be too big on them.


We just thought this would be a good one to end on!


Tune in next week for Round Two of “When Signs Go Bad”!


If you would like to report of an Ad Gone Bad, please contact us at


Note: We are a marketing firm, not a law firm. We are not aware of any copyright laws we may be violating by posting pictures of advertisements that are in the public domain to this blog. This site is just for fun. If you own the rights to any of the pictures or ads posted and feel that violated your copyright, please contact me and we will remove it. If you want us to fix your marketing mishap we can do that too.

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