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Top Viral Ad Videos – June 2015

As July begins, we take a look back at the top ads from June. These videos are filled with summer commercials about family and making memories. Brands connect with their consumer by connecting with a season or holiday. For example, with 4th of July coming up, many ads are very patriotic to reach their consumer […]

Powerful Video Marketing Statistics: Part 1

Video has become a powerful medium to use in marketing. This means with good content, video can become the main strategy for your business. When video has good content to add to the strategy, it will be exactly what the consumer wants.   “74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.”   This […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – May 2015

As May comes to an end this week, we look back at the top viral ad videos for the month. If you missed last month’s ads, you should check them out. These are the advertisements that the consumers are interested in watching and can lead them to buying a product. Video is very important in […]

Challenges That Occur With Producing Video Content

Producing video has never been an easy task to do. To create video content, it used to take large amounts of time and lots of money. This meant that small companies did not have the resources to have videos produced. “And just last year in Vidyard’s video marketing survey, marketers reported difficulties producing video content […]

Non-Profit Videos Can Be Powerful

This March, a non-profit organization took the top spot in the video chart with over 90 millions views. The Ad Council produced this ad, “Love Has No Labels,” to spread a message to society. This was huge for the brand as it beat out many major brands including Google and Microsoft.   This ad was […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – April 2015

  As April comes to an end, we take a look back at the top ads of the month. This month the top ads included these brands: Dove and Hyundai.   The top video, “A Message to Space,” was created by the brand Hyundai. In the beginning of this ad, the question is asked, “Can […]

Ben & Jerry’s Ad Mashup of 4/20 & 1984

Ben and Jerry’s just released their new ice cream called the “BRRR-ito.” This is a combination of ice cream wrapped with chocolate in a waffle cone shell – like a burrito. They did this on 4/20 in honor of what some people consider to be the ‘high-holiday’ for marijuana smoking.   “The company announced the new […]

Digital Video is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy

Many brands are starting to add digital video into their marketing mix. When creating a strategy for a brand, many businesses only had traditional video as an option. Not every brand could afford it, and it was not a mandatory piece to the strategy. Now this has changed, and video has become an essential piece […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – March 2015

As March comes to an end, it is time to look back at some of the top ads from the month. This month, we are looking at ads from Volkswagen and Microsoft. If you missed last month, check out February’s post.   The Volkswagen advertisement, “TDI Golden Sisters – Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #2,” used […]

The “Luck” in having a Full Service Marketing Agency

Are you feeling lucky? If you said yes, you must have a full-service marketing agency in your corner of the ring! Those who have gone from having their marketing pieced out; the cable company is creating their television advertisement, the radio station is putting together their radio spot, the print house is designing their business […]