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Ben & Jerry’s Ad Mashup of 4/20 & 1984

Ben and Jerry’s just released their new ice cream called the “BRRR-ito.” This is a combination of ice cream wrapped with chocolate in a waffle cone shell – like a burrito. They did this on 4/20 in honor of what some people consider to be the ‘high-holiday’ for marijuana smoking.   “The company announced the new […]

Digital Video is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy

Many brands are starting to add digital video into their marketing mix. When creating a strategy for a brand, many businesses only had traditional video as an option. Not every brand could afford it, and it was not a mandatory piece to the strategy. Now this has changed, and video has become an essential piece […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – March 2015

As March comes to an end, it is time to look back at some of the top ads from the month. This month, we are looking at ads from Volkswagen and Microsoft. If you missed last month, check out February’s post.   The Volkswagen advertisement, “TDI Golden Sisters – Diesel Old Wives’ Tale #2,” used […]

The “Luck” in having a Full Service Marketing Agency

Are you feeling lucky? If you said yes, you must have a full-service marketing agency in your corner of the ring! Those who have gone from having their marketing pieced out; the cable company is creating their television advertisement, the radio station is putting together their radio spot, the print house is designing their business […]

Why You Should Invest In Video

Investing your marketing money into video can be very important. Video can be a crucial part of a company’s strategy – when produced correctly, video can be well worth the investment.   Video is essential for your marketing plan because it can be used across multiple screens. This means that video can be seen on […]

Video Gives You Immediate Payback

Many people now enjoy watching videos daily. Video has become a necessity for most companies and many viewers enjoy watching videos over reading material. These videos can be made into advertisements or commercials, which can persuade a viewer’s decision when making a purchase.   Even though video is now essential, some companies still do not […]

Luck – It’s not enough when it comes to media placement

Media placement is very difficult, especially when you are relying on media reps to lead you to the best place to spend your marketing dollars. Here are a few helpful hints when planning your media placement. Forget your favorites First, take your personal preferences out of the equation. Too often, people want to hear their […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – Feb 2015

It’s March and it is just in time for the top ads from February. This month, we will be looking at ads from Ford and Android.   The Ford Mustang commercial, “Speed Dating,” was created to promote the 2015 Ford Mustang in a very interesting way. They begin by putting hidden cameras in to the car […]

The Luckiest Team

Since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, we asked our team members to tell us why they feel so lucky. After seeing everyone’s responses, we think we may have the luckiest team around! Shannon Filing (President) I feel lucky to be able to build this company with my husband. To be able to […]