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Social Media Campaign – Luck or Strategy

This month, in light of St. Patrick’s Day, we are going to talk a little bit about the difference between a “lucky” marketing campaign and a marketing campaign that has experience, strategy and research to back it up. At Transformation Marketing in Lincoln, Nebraska we don’t leave our marketing campaign or the marketing campaign of […]

4 Reasons Your Buisness Should Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

1. Increase your Traffic The most important reason to blog is Search Engine Optimization. Blogs can help improve your SEO with frequent and relevant content, helping you gain organic ranking. 2. Connect with your Audience Allowing your clients to get a sneak peak into your company can help get them more connected with your company, […]

Now Hiring a Content Writer!

Mission Statement: In all things be honest, enthusiastic, and passionate. Show leadership, integrity, and dedication. Provide results and expertise, not empty promises and meaningless jargon.   Purpose: Our biggest desire is that this position is creative, interactive, and self-motivated. You will need to effectively write custom content for websites and blogs that will engage interactions […]

Our Internship Program – Open for the Summer!

Transformation Marketing is currently offering summer internships in their Graphic Design, Video and Sales Support departments! We started our internship program about a year and a half ago and have had the pleasure of working with right around 10 very talented students so far. We provide our interns with real, hands-on experience for real clients […]

What does it take to be a Social Media Pro?

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about social media. Changes that have taken place, what platforms are hitting what generations, what age group knows social media best and how in the world anyone can keep track of it all. The answer to it all: It’s a lot of work. This is why many business owners […]

Terms in Social Media – Facebook

We know that there is a lot of terminology in Social Media, just as there is in any industry. But we also know how knowing some of those terms are key to clear communication. We in no way expect everyone to become an expert on all the terms of the industry, but we do want […]

Let your Passion Shine!

As we wrap up our interviews for the new Graphic Designer that we will be bringing on board later this month, I think back to what made some of the individuals stand out to me and why we chose the one we did. (I’m building suspense for the announcement. Are you getting excited yet?) The […]

The Importance of Knowing Trends in Your Industry

Recently, I was getting my nails done at an out-of-state salon for a wedding. When they asked me what color I wanted, I said nude. The lady looked at me with a very confused expression, so I repeated myself. She said, “New color?” I said, “No. NUDE.” Finally the bride said, “Skin color.” Again, the […]

Instagram and Twitter Step up their Game

In the last two weeks, there have been several big leaps in the Social Media Industry and Instagram and Twitter are right in the midst of it. After being a mobile-only social network since it was created about two years ago, Instagram took its network to your computer last week. The site still only consists […]

How To Get More Twitter Followers

For today’s straight forward discussion about getting more Twitter followers please keep in mind that these tips are for business tweeters. Specifically for companies that are using Twitter to reach more people and help support their current clients. If you are looking to get more followers on a personal or hobby focused account these tips […]