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Tag Archives: Commercials

Modern Advertising: A Bouquet of Media

When we think of advertising, many of us immediately revert to cheesy TV commercials or that annoying jingle you hear on the radio every morning.  However, media is ever-changing, and traditional broadcast channels provide us with only a fraction of the messages we face every day.  Advertisers use several types of media to grab our […]

Marketing vs. Advertising: What’s the Difference? And Why Should I Care?

“Marketing.”  “Advertising.”  Say them out loud.  What do you think about?  If you’re just about any given person in this world, they’re probably synonymous in your brain.  You know, TV commercials and coupons in the Sunday paper, stuff like that.  If that’s what you thought about, you’re not wrong, but you’re also missing some key […]

Commercials vs. Scripts

One thing that always seems to surprise clients is the finished commercial RARELY is what was scripted.  Especially TV commercials. Television commercials are the toughest form of advertisement to follow a script. Sometimes it takes longer to make a movement or display a product than was originally estimated. With only 30 seconds to play with, […]

Video Gives You Immediate Payback

Many people now enjoy watching videos daily. Video has become a necessity for most companies and many viewers enjoy watching videos over reading material. These videos can be made into advertisements or commercials, which can persuade a viewer’s decision when making a purchase.   Even though video is now essential, some companies still do not […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – Feb 2015

It’s March and it is just in time for the top ads from February. This month, we will be looking at ads from Ford and Android.   The Ford Mustang commercial, “Speed Dating,” was created to promote the 2015 Ford Mustang in a very interesting way. They begin by putting hidden cameras in to the car […]

Most Effective Super Bowl Brands

After watching the Super Bowl ads, how many brands can a viewer recall? Some can talk about their favorite brands, while others can remember an ad, but they may not recall the brand.   After watching Super Bowl 49, many consumers discussed their favorite ads. Brands were not only discussed on social media platforms, but […]

Are Super Bowl Ads Worth Your Marketing Budget?

On Sunday night, millions of people sat down to watch Super Bowl 49. Some watched for the game, while others watched just to see the ads. This brings into question, is it worth buying an ad during the Super Bowl? Well it depends if your company can justify paying $4.5 million dollars just to get […]

Top Viral Ad Videos – Oct 2014

It is the end of October, so of course we are all thinking about Halloween here at Transformation Marketing. I have found a few TV and online ads that have been running recently, which all have a Halloween theme to them. Check them all out below.  ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Horror Movie: It’s What You Do; GEICO  (1,639,000 views) […]

Using Video Testimonials for your Company

One of the most sought after goals of marketing is get great “word-of-mouth” that will result in future and additional customers. Testimonials are a form of word of mouth that we can use on a broader scale. Testimonials can be used on your website, in sales materials and in commercials. Testimonials build trust from a […]

How ACR will Change the Advertising World

With the internet continuing to evolve, some of the “old ways” of advertising are becoming obsolete. Take print and television ads for example. Many newspapers have ditched their delivery schedules and moved their content online, prompting advertisers to do the same. With the popularity of dynamic creative optimization (DCO), marketers are better able to reach […]