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Tag Archives: building

Building Progress – Almost There!

So much progress has happened in the last week with our building! Shannon and Travis painted and hung trim, the doors came last Monday, carpet came on Wednesday and Thursday, the new air conditioning unit was installed this weekend (EVERYONE is VERY thankful for that!) and the electric was finished up on Friday as well. […]

Building Progress – We have interior walls!

As of last week, we have actual rooms where offices will soon be! The rest of the wall that was separating the old part from the new part is completely gone. The storage room-the half of the old office that is not a hallway now-is enclosed. And the drywall is up in all of the new […]

New Building Progress – “Connected”

This week we had many things happen in our building progress. The siding is on and the electrical has been started. But probably the most exciting thing for most of us here, is that the wall that had been separating the existing offices from the new section has been knocked down. We are now officially […]

Building Progress – Walls are Up!

Progress on our new addition has really taken off this week. Monday afternoon, they poured the concrete. Tuesday, they put up the exterior framework and today they’re working on the roof! We are getting so excited for our new space and even more excited for how quickly it seems to be happening. (We have a […]

Photography/Videography Basics: How to Frame Your Shot

Images and video are perhaps the single-most traffic driver for any brand. An attractive photo or video has the potential to make your campaign go viral, but you won’t get there without following a few basic rules for framing your shots. Framing your subjects— whether it is a person, landscape, product or building— should be […]

When To Use Foursquare for Your Business

You may have already heard of Foursquare, but just in case you haven’t heard about the popular geo-social networking site, take one minute and watch this short promo about the service. Foursquare is a very popular mobile application that uses one’s physical location to allow for “check-ins” at restaurants, businesses, parks, buildings… Just about anywhere. […]

New Building Progress – Week 6

The weather this week didn’t slow Rigid Pines down! They have finished siding the building and not a moment too soon. It looks like winter has arrived. Luckily, the outside of the building is finished and it’s mostly indoor work from here on out. We are getting so excited to move into our new home. […]

We’ve Moved!

We are officially moved into our new building! Thank you all for your support and interest in the progress of this process! With any new office, there is of course, a few more things we would like to get done, but we are so thrilled to be in our new offices! Everything looks wonderful and […]

Building Progress – Week 17

The painting was finished last week along with the trim. The doors are all installed and the counter tops for our desk, done by Hue Decorative Finishes, are here! Today, they began carpeting and later this week, we will move the furniture in. We should be able to move equipment in over the weekend and […]

Building Update – Week 11

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been hard at work with electrical, cabling and insulation. The building now has electricity and heat. (Again, just in time for those working, as it has begun to get cold.) The middle of this week, we began drywall. We have been so blessed with the weather this “winter”. It’s […]