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Tag Archives: bad

A little Help with the Yelp Filter

We’ve had several clients, lately, wondering why their Yelp reviews are mysteriously disappearing. Not bad reviews. Good ones. Now, we know that Yelp has a filter. We know where to find those filtered reviews (we’ll show you this later in the blog) and we even know that Yelp filters reviews based on credibility of the […]

When Signs Go Bad – Round Three

Is it bad that there are so many bad signs out there that we had to write THREE blogs about it?? Maybe its not, because it sure does provide us with some entertainment! We hope you enjoy round three of When Signs Go Bad! I sure hope they are better at doing tattoos then they […]

When Ads Go Bad – Photoshop Mistakes

Photoshop is a wonderful editing tool that allows designers to tweak a picture to appear any way they’d like it. It also takes a little bit of attention to detail and training to ensure that you are using it appropriately. In this week’s edition of When Ads Go Bad, we will explore a few advertisements […]

When Internet Ads Go Wrong

Internet ads are a great marketing tool – if used correctly. We understand that sometimes the placement of these ads just can’t be helped. But in the case of these ads we have picked, we wish that someone would’ve been paying closer attention. Though we do get a kick out of some of these mistakes, […]

When Ads Go Unconventional

Unconventional…  Different… Strange… Borderline… Just Plain Weird. These might be terms you use to describe the following ads. But does that make them bad? We don’t think so! There’s a fine line between strange and inappropriate, and we say as long as you stay on the strange side of the line, go for it! One […]

When Ad Placement Goes Bad

    You may have noticed we took a couple weeks off our “Ads Gone Bad” series but it is back! We took some time to build up our bad ads and now we are back with one of our funniest yet – “Ad Placement Gone Bad”! Now these placements aren’t necessarily at the fault […]

When Facebook Posts Go Bad

Facebook, like Twitter, is a fantastic social tool that we’ve seen many companies have great success with in the past. However, like always, this type of marketing works… when used correctly. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to quickly recap the points to brought up in the Tweets Gone Bad […]